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3 Ways You Worsen Your Indoor Air Quality in Wadsworth, OH

April 18, 2023

Splendid spring weather may entice relatives and friends to visit your Wadsworth, OH, property and sit outside. But you still might find yourself spending time indoors together. This makes your indoor air quality particularly important. Avoid the following unhealthy practices to keep your indoor air quality as fresh as possible:

Not Investing in Indoor Air Quality Solutions

HVAC systems have evolved substantially in recent years. As such, now may be an ideal time to explore an upgrade. Filtration in new systems removes significantly more bacteria and allergens than before.

For example, Air Scrubber Plus® not only cleans the air in your house but also lowers strong aromas by naturally cleaning up the particles that cause such scents to persist. Unlike passive air filters, it actively treats the air by constantly distributing ActivePure scrubbers around your house to significantly reduce chemicals, harmful substances, biological growth and other potential pollutants in the air.

Failing to Replace the Air Filter

Servicing your HVAC system properly is one of the easiest ways to keep the air in your house clean and fresh. Your system pumps air through the filter, which collects dust, dander and other minute particles. It captures them before releasing the air back to the residence.

Your HVAC system will perform inefficiently if you fail to clean or change the air filter regularly. The debris will clog the airflow, making the device work harder. As a result, your energy expenses will rise.

Using Products With Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile compounds can be found in household cleansers, hair spray and clothes. A recovery ventilator is an excellent way to introduce fresh air into the home. These systems replace stale indoor air with fresh, conditioned air circulating throughout your house.

Your house is your most valuable investment, so when the maintenance and repair of your HVAC systems are concerned, choose Quality Heating & Cooling for dependable services. You can rely on us for skilled assistance whenever you need it.

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