Indoor Air Quality Services in Canton, OH & Surrounding Areas

A Healthier Home.

Locally owned and family operated, Quality Heating & Cooling is here to protect the health and comfort of your home in Massillon, North Canton, Wadsworth & the surrounding areas. We are familiar with the wide range of potential threats found in every home. We combat issues with excess moisture, insufficient humidity, fumes, airborne particulates, bacteria, and much more. When you contact Quality Heating & Cooling for healthy home solutions, we aren’t in a rush to sell you something you don’t want or require. Our qualified technicians take the time to listen to your concerns, perform accurate analysis, and target your specific situation. Through customized strategies and proven products, we deliver immediate and sustainable improvement.

Effective Indoor Air Quality Services

At Quality Heating & Cooling we consider our customers as part of our family. We recommend only those leading manufacturers with proven track records of performance, handle installation quickly, and deliver whole-home solutions. With a wide selection of air quality accessories, such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, germicidal UV lamps, heat recovery ventilators, and air purification systems, there is no challenge we can’t resolve. We help you prevent damage to your home and furnishings, safeguard against comfort and health risks, and promote superior efficiency and longevity from HVAC equipment. Contact Quality Heating & Cooling at 330-497-8299 and let us optimize your indoor environment with healthy home services across North Canton, Uniontown, Green, Massillon, Wadsworth & Medina, OH.

Air Scrubber Products

Air Scrubber Plus® is a revolutionary new system designed to help eliminate indoor air quality risks by reducing air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold, odor-causing bacteria, and odors caused by pets and cooking. It’s ActivePure™ technology cleans, freshens, and purifies the air using specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviroscrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, just like nature’s outdoor scrubbers. Why spray and scrub surfaces or disguise strong odors with toxic chemicals? Air Scrubber Plus® not only purifies the air in your home, it reduces strong odors by naturally mopping up the particles that keep those odors lingering. Unlike air filters that are passive, it actively treats the air by continually sending out ActivePure scrubbers throughout your home to greatly reduce chemicals, dangerous contaminants, mold, odors, and pollutants in the air. Air Scrubber Plus® extends the life of your existing heating and air conditioning system by trapping dirt, dust and other debris before it enters through the filter, damaging the coils and blower that keep your system running effectively.

Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology is the latest advancement of a scientific breakthrough originally developed in cooperation with NASA for use in the International Space Station. ActivePure™ technology is recognized as the exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category. Air Scrubber Plus® has been rigorously tested for effectiveness in the air and on exposed surfaces by some of the top environmental scientists in the world. Researchers at Kansas State University and University of Cincinnati have validated the effectiveness of ActivePure™ technology for reduction of particulate in the air and contaminants on surfaces. Air Scrubber Plus® works to reduce or significantly reduce up to virtually all organic and microbial compounds, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and offensive odors where we live and breathe. These reasons are why Quality Heating & Cooling recommends this product and offers a 90 day money-back trial!


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