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Do You Need to Replace Your Old Gas Furnace in Massillon, OH?

November 30, 2022

A gas furnace could run for an average of 15 to 20 years here in Massillon, OH, as long as it gets maintenance and doesn’t run excessively. Perhaps yours has remained working for at least a decade, but now it’s showing signs of wear and tear. Here are some warning signs that you may need to replace your gas furnace:

Poor Performance and High Bills

By poor performance, we mean everything from short-cycling — or extremely long cycles — to low air pressure and the failure to heat your rooms evenly. If you’ve looked at your monthly bills recently and found that you’re paying more for these poor results, then something is wrong.

Some problem is keeping the furnace from working at its most efficient, so your job would be to call a service technician over and see what’s wrong. The following factors will help in your decision-making.

Rust and Cracks in the Furnace

Check the furnace for the usual signs of aging, such as rusting and cracking. You don’t want cracking in the heat exchanger because this component will leak carbon monoxide, endangering your life. With such worn-out systems, it’s typically not worthwhile to perform a repair.

Frequent or Expensive Furnace Repairs

Consider the frequency of the repair visits you’ve had to schedule over the past year. Normally, a well-maintained gas furnace will still need one or two repairs a year; more than that, and the system is clearly on its way out. We wouldn’t recommend repairs if they’re expensive or if previous repairs have done nothing to improve performance.

Wide Range of Trane Products

Quality Heating & Cooling can handle a furnace installation anywhere in Massillon, so call today. We carry Trane products with such enticing features as stainless-steel heat exchangers and variable-speed motors, and we’re eager to show you products that fit your needs and budget.

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