Air Conditioning Repairs

Minor AC Problems That Can Lead to Air Conditioning Repairs

July 23, 2022

Effective and efficient air conditioning helps homeowners in Massillon, OH, avoid suffering through summer’s hottest temperatures. The key to preventing breakdowns that disrupt your indoor comfort is to watch for the early signs of trouble and rectify them before they worsen. Here are four minor AC problems that can lead to extensive and expensive air conditioning repairs:

Dirty Air Filter

Maintaining a clean air filter helps your air conditioner push air through the system and into your living spaces without straining. It removes particle pollutants from your home’s air supply during the process. If your filter clogs and you don’t change it, your AC system will struggle to reach your desired indoor temperature, increasing your cooling bills and worsening your indoor air quality. Aim to change your air filter every month during the summer.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

A clogged condensate drain line can lead to an overflowing condensate drain pan, damaging the surrounding area in your home and breaking down your air conditioner. Keep your condensate drain line clear by pouring half a cup of vinegar down every month. Doing so will prevent extensive property damage and air conditioning repairs.

Blocked Supply Vents

Walk around your house and check if anything is blocking the supply vents, like a sofa or toys. A blocked supply vent adds pressure to your AC system, leading to inefficient operation and possible breakdowns.

No Clearance Around the Exterior Unit

Your air conditioner’s exterior unit, which houses the compressor and condenser, should be free from debris on or around it. Make sure it has about two feet of clearance to ensure your air conditioner operates smoothly.

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