Repairing Water Heater Issues

4 Common Water Heater Issues and What to Do About Them in Canal Fulton, OH

May 15, 2022

Common water heater problems can cause the appliance to produce cold or warm water or break down prematurely. Fortunately, you can quickly fix most issues with the help of a professional if you notice them early enough. Call a water heater repair expert in Canal Fulton, OH, if your appliance experiences the following issues:

Foul Smell

Do you notice the smell of rotten eggs after turning on your water heater? It may happen when the anode rod gets old and needs a replacement. The anode rod helps protect the tank from corrosion, so when it gets old, you might notice smelly hot water.

Bacteria in the tank can also cause smelly hot water. Periodic water heater flushing can help fix the issue.

Not Enough Hot Water

Are you getting hot water but not enough for your household needs? It’s probably because of a faulty thermostat or the wrong temperature settings. You may need to inspect the electrical components if adjusting temperatures or changing your thermostat batteries doesn’t help.

Leaking Water Heater

A bad gasket, stuck valve, loose heating element bolts and improper water pressure are common causes of a leaky water heater. Loose plumbing connections can also force your water heater to leak. It’s advisable to hire a water heater repair expert in Canal Fulton, OH, to inspect the equipment, diagnose the cause of leaks and repair it.

Noisy Water Heater

If your water heater is banging, grinding or popping, there’s probably sediment accumulation in the tank. You shouldn’t ignore any strange or loud noise from your water heater because it signifies an underlying issue. Call a plumber to drain the tank or replace it to fix a noisy appliance.

Water heaters can last a long time with proper maintenance. Do you need water heater services? Contact Quality Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our water heater repair services.

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