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3 Reasons Your Heat Pump in Canton, OH, Short Cycles

February 25, 2022

Many residents in Canton, OH, use a heat pump to keep their home at a comfortable temperature. However, like any mechanical appliance, a heat pump sometimes experiences problems and may start to short-cycle. Here are a few reasons your heat pump is short-cycling and what you can do about it:

Clogged Air Filter

Dust and debris accumulate in the air filter over time and compromise the heat pump’s ability to do its job. A clogged air filter prevents the blower from exhausting air properly and disrupts the airflow. Restricted airflow causes your system to work more than it should and eventually short-cycle.

Such problems not only inflate your energy bills but may also lead to major repairs. If your heat pumps start having such a problem, replace or clean your air filters. You can also prevent this from happening by having a professional maintain your system regularly.

Thermostat Malfunction

Another common reason for short cycles is a malfunctioning thermostat. Thermostats have a temperature sensor inside that measures the temperature of your home. It turns on or off based on that reading.

If the reading from the sensor differs from the actual temperature, it may cause the system to short-cycle, especially if the sensor has dust or the wrong positioning of the thermostat. It could also be due to faulty wiring or a power issue.

Change the thermostat batteries and see if that addresses your concern. Contact a service technician if the problem persists.

Refrigerant Leaks

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat from the outdoors and vice versa. When there’s a leak in the duct lines, the system will have a problem completing a cycle. Consequently, your indoor comfort levels will reduce.

When this happens, the best solution is to schedule a repair immediately. A service technician will detect the leak, seal it and recharge the refrigerant.

You don’t want to have heat pump issues in the middle of a cold winter night. Experts recommend scheduling regular maintenance to detect such problems before they happen. For more information about heat pumps, contact Quality Heating & Cooling.

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