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How to Efficiently Heat Your Home in Canton, OH

January 13, 2023

If you’ve chosen a heat pump to warm your Canton, OH, home, congratulations. You’re using one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available today. Here are four tips to heat your home in the winter as efficiently as possible:

Set a Comfortable Temperature and Leave It

If you’re used to conventional HVAC systems, you may raise or lower your thermostat to save money. Heat pumps work best when you leave them at a single temperature they can maintain. So, the most efficient way to warm your home with a heat pump is to set it and forget it.

Keep Your Air Filter Clean

When your heat pump heats your home, it needs to circulate air as freely as possible to be efficient. If your system’s air filter is dirty, though, it’ll struggle to do that. Clean or replace your HVAC system’s air filter as necessary to maintain its efficiency. Ideally, you should do so every month.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

The secret to your heat pump’s amazing efficiency is that it doesn’t create warm air at all. Instead, it collects it from the outside air and carries it inside your home where you need it. To help it do that efficiently, it’s critical to keep your outdoor unit clean and debris free at all times.

Watch Out for Emergency Heat Mode

On very cold days, your system may engage its emergency heat mode to supplement your home’s heating. When it does, its efficiency drops because it relies on electricity to generate additional warmth. If you lower your thermostat setting a bit to avoid this, you’ll help improve your system’s winter efficiency significantly.

It’s also important to realize that your heat pump will only remain efficient if you take good care of it. It requires regular maintenance to keep performing at peak efficiency throughout its lifetime. For maximum winter heating efficiency, contact Quality Heating & Cooling today to schedule a maintenance visit.

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