• Wow! Everything Quentin said during our meeting, happened. From product offering, to installation, it worked out perfectly. Would definitely suggest Quality Heating & Cooling to anyone interested. Thank you Jaxon, Zach, Cameron, Fred, and Quentin for making this a great experience!
  • Made a service request and Don was here within less than two hours. He fixed the problem quickly and was willing and able to stay to do furnace checkup too. So happy to have that done! We ordered a new water heater to be installed (didn’t know they did that) as current one has been dripping for a... Read More
  • Zach & Isiah installed a new A/C. Both were punctual and started working immediately and didn't mind answering my questions. Hope this is not a duplicate because I tried to review earlier and before I knew it, it was gone. Worth the 2nd review if it is.
  • They did a terrific job removing the old (ancient) furnace and installing the new one. All involved were friendly, courteous and knew what they were doing. They explained the new system thoroughly and answered questions. I recommend this company highly.

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